Jeep Becomes a Painter

fullsizerenderWho needs to be at school to have fun with art?  Jeep tried her own paws today to create a picture.  What?  A dog can make a picture?  Of course!  Our pets just need a little help from the people around them.

Jeep’s photos should give you a good idea about how she painted her own pictures.  Not surprisingly our friend Jeep  was a very good sport about having her paw dipped in paint.   I was sure to have a bowl of water and a towel handy to get the rest of the paint off when she was done.  (Yes, her white fur on her foot might look a little bit pink and purple for a couple of days.)

Did you know that “paw art” is actually something a lot of pet owners do?  That’s because a paw print of a furry friend can last a lifetime.

9 thoughts on “Jeep Becomes a Painter

  1. I can envision a lot of Jeep’s little friends getting into BIG trouble when they try this at home with their little buddies! Their reactions will be fun! Loretta


  2. Can she come teach in my art room? I could use some “pawsitive” inspiration. She looks very serious about her work! Nice job Jeep 🚙!


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