Puppy Love on Valentine’s Day


Who’s silly idea is this anyway? Next thing you know, she will make me wear a scarf!

Our friend Jeep was busy today making her rounds to Thompson, Hooper, Martin and Palombi handing out pyr  (as in Pyrenees) love to all her kid friends for Valentine’s Day.  We all know that Jeep loves kids more than steak bones and what better way to celebrate than stepping out with a Valentine’s Day party hat?


I was amazed just how long Jeep managed to keep her hat on her head.  Dot tried it at home and it stayed on less than five seconds.  Do you think it’s because the hat  belonged to Jeep?  Probably.

Jeep hopes your Valentine’s Day was filled with sweetness and fun!

5 thoughts on “Puppy Love on Valentine’s Day

  1. We love seeing you here in our class! We hope you and Dr. Z, and Dot Com had a great day! See you soon!!!

    Miss Heifner’s first grade class


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