Jeep’s Last Day until Halloween

Today was Jeep’s “Last Day of School” for awhile.  On Monday, she will go in for her knee surgery.  Poor Jeep! She will need 6 to 8 weeks to heal before she can return.

In the meantime, Jeep got lots of love and well wishes from kids across the school district this week.  I will be posting updates on her progress until she returns.  Keep your paws crossed for a speedy recovery!




Bad News for Jeep

IMG_1020Our friend did it again! Jeep is going to have surgery on September 9th – this time for her right back leg.

X-rays confirmed that Jeep tore her right CCL which is a ligament (much like a rubber band) that allows her knee to bend. The vet will need to break her shinbone and insert a metal rod and plate into it.  This will have to slowly heal, but once it does, she will be better than new!

Jeep is able to walk and you will see her around school through Friday, September 6th.  She has to take it easy and not use stairs.  She has difficulty standing up from a sitting position.  Jeep will have to stay home and heal until Halloween.

Poor Jeep!  This means once again NO jumping, NO playing, NO running and NO climbing on couches for 6 to 8 weeks.

I sure hope Dottie Com understands the rules!

In the meantime, when you see her, be sure to get your dose of fluff and wish our fuzzy friend well.

Making a Splash

IMG_0897Jeep hopes all her kid friends are enjoying their last day of summer vacation as much as she did!

Jeep is back at work today with the teachers and staff. She is eager to see all the kids tomorrow for the First Day of School.

Jeep really makes a splash in the video below.  How can one pool be so much fun?

First Day of Summer School

While there has only been one day off since school ended, students and teachers were excited to return this morning for the start of summer school at Thompson Elementary.  Students from all schools across the district arrived this morning surprised to learn that the one thing they all had in common was their fluffy friend Jeep.  Of course, Jeep was very happy to see all of them!


Last Day of School

Jeep made certain to visit all her friends at Martin, Thompson and Hooper Schools to wish them a terrifc summer vacation.  She is looking forward to seeing all of them in August for the start of the 2019/20 school year.


Field Day Frenzy

IMG_0943Jeep was all smiles watching all the kids at Martin, Thompson, and Hooper Schools participate in the annual outdoor Field Day games.  Students joined multi-grade teams, chose colors, and created team names.  Sixth-grade students served as team leaders, coaches, helpers, and organizers for the younger students.

Many students wanted to know what team Jeep would be on and what color Jeep would wear.  As you can see, Jeep chose to be all-inclusive by wearing a rainbow tutu and scarf. Even her leash was rainbow colored.   Jeep embraces all people, all of the time.

Good girl, Jeep! We all had fun!IMG_0972IMG_0997IMG_0992IMG_0944IMG_0952IMG_0975IMG_0920IMG_0914IMG_0939IMG_0924IMG_0929

Little Baby Jeep Jeep

Mrs. Grieg’s kindergarten students at Hooper always welcome Jeep with a chant just for her!

Feel free to join in.  (Warning! it might just get stuck in your head, too!)

  • Little Baby Jeep Jeep walking thru the forest,
  • Little Baby Jeep Jeep always goes before us,
  • Little Baby Jeep Jeep time to sing the chorus
  • Lolly lolly lu lu
  • Lolly lolly lee lee

Memorial Day Weekend is Almost Here

Memorial-Day-PicsOriginally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day is the time to remember and honor all the men and women who have died in service to our country.  Memorial Day is always observed on the last Monday in May.  In 1971, Memorial Day was declared a national holiday.


On Monday, May 27th at noon you can attend the annual Memorial Day Parade in Lake Villa which starts at Palombi Middle School.  The parade is sponsored by the Lake Villa VFW Post 4308 and Boy Scout Troop 323, this parade begins at Palombi Middle School and heads toward Lehman Park in downtown Lake Villa. Services will be held in the park following the parade and there will be a hot dog lunch after the service held at the VFW post located at 130 E. Grand Avenue.