Snow for Harry

Jeep and Harry were very excited about this morning’s blast of winter weather. After all, this was Harry’s first time in the snow. He didn’t care if it was mid-April. He is a Pyrenees. He is going to love Wisconsin weather!

At first, Harry didn’t know what to do in the snow, but Jeep showed him how to roll in it and how to scoop it up to eat. There is nothing better than hanging outside when it’s snowing.

Hairy Harry Visits

Harry is happily making his way slowly around to elementary schools. Students and staff have been very excited to meet him! The fluffy little nugget makes everyone smile.

Right now, Jeep stays home enjoying some peace and quiet when Harry visits schools. Eventually, Harry and Jeep will visit schools together so Harry can learn from Jeep – the best therapy dog on the planet – how to behave at school.

Puppy Harry has a lot to learn! He likes to chew on his leash, and play splash in his water bowl. He usually tips his water bowl over at least 3 times a day. We know he is going to have a great time splashing in the kiddie pool this summer.

The Only Thing Cuter

The only thing cuter than one Harry is two Harrys! Harry was quite smitten with his own reflection in the protective plexiglass door shield at the vet’s office.

Of course, Harry was a good boy during his first vet visit. Harry weighed in at 18 pounds. He is getting bigger every day!

Holy Harry!

Harry dug his very first hole in the dirt this weekend. I am sure it will be the first of many.

Great Pyrs love to dig, and Baby Harry is no exception! Pyrs dig craters in the dirt so they can lie down and keep cool. Good thing Jeep and Harry have plenty of unlandscaped fenced area to find places to make new holes.

Dottie also likes to dig, and unlike a Pyr, she can go on for hours digging the same hole deeper and deeper. Sometimes Dot digs so deep you can only see her wagging tail above the dirt because the rest of her is in the hole.

Dottie likes to help Harry. At least Jeep and Harry stop digging once they have a cool place for their tummies – Pyr holes are never all that deep.

Check out Harry’s short video clip.

Welcome Home Harry

The little guy arrived at Midway safe and sound today thanks to his Pet Nanny Marven. We can’t praise Casa Fairview International Pet Transport enough – so easy to work with if you need a special pet friend shipped anywhere across the world. Thank you, Marven and Pilar!!

It was a busy day for Harry – airplane travel, car travel and meeting his new family. Harry is VERY snuggly and happy. His puppy paws are HUGE! As you can see, he is doing very well! Jeep and Dot have also welcomed into our home. (Oh, yes, that is a Packer leash Harry is wearing.)

Introducing Harry!

Jeep finally gets to be a BIG sister! 9-week-old Harry, another Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, will be arriving from Pismo Beach, California where he was born on January 31st. Harry’s breeder is Terrie Strom – you can see her and her magnificent pyrs here –

Fingers crossed, we will pick Harry up at Midway Airport on Tuesday. He will be traveling with his pet nanny Marven who will make sure our new buddy arrives safe and sound. Harry will start seeing kids and teachers next week so he can learn how to be the best therapy dog on the planet just like his sister, Jeep!

We will keep you posted!

She’s a Lucky Dog!

Jeep is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in green style at schools in Lake Villa and Zion.

Personally, I think she would love to sniff out one of those mischevious leprachauns that have been causing havoc in the classrooms. Green footprints are everywhere! Maybe we should ask Dot Com to help her. Better yet, Dottie and Jeep should search for the pot of gold the naughty leprachauns have been hiding.