Pyr Playtime

The two Pyrenees enjoy rough-and-tumble play every day. Sometimes when Jeep and Harry start going at it, we have to shoo them outside so they don’t break anything in the house. They get quite rambunctious! They enjoy using their wide mouths to play bite. Harry is usually the instigator, and he tries to give Jeep a run for her money.

At least for the next few months, Jeep has the upper hand. I hope she enjoys it while she can!

Are those two pyrs happy or what?

Jeep’s Retirement Parade

Yesterday Martin Elementary School went all out to wish Jeep and me a happy upcoming retirement. Jeep and I were so surprised and touched by the kindness of Martin’s students and staff! We received flowers, cards, dog treats, cake, and matching scarves. Jeep was very proud to walk the hallways and see her friends. We both appreciate the hard work done behind the scenes by Mrs. Jennifer Carter to pull this huge surprise off! What a beautiful memory for us!

Be sure to check out the Daily Herald’s coverage of the event.

Mud Puppies

Looks like both Jeep and Harry are having a little too much fun outside. At least they are both good-natured about getting a bath because dirty therapy dogs don’t get to go to school.

Weighing in at 13 Weeks

Hairy Harry is 27 pounds and growing every day! This weekend he visited his wonderful vet at Lake Geneva Animal Hospital. There were no tears when Harry bravely got his booster vaccination from his friendly vet technician. Good boy, Harry! Harry thinks kids shouldn’t be afraid of going to a doctor and getting a shot.

By the way, Jeep has to get TWO shots EVERY day for her diabetes and she NEVER cries. Good girl, Jeep! Shots are no big deal for these two.

Does my head fur make me look like an Angry Bird?

Dirty Harry

Harry had a riot playing with Jeep last night. Jeep did a wonderful job of not stepping on him. She seemed to enjoy rolling Harry in the mud.

Last night Harry had his first bath in the kitchen sink. We were glad he fit. He probably won’t fit in the sink next week!

Is he cute or what?

Check out Jeep and Harry playing!

Caught in the Act

My paw isn’t really in my water bowl, it just looks like it is. I would NEVER tip my water bowl over. Honest!

See, I moved my paw out. I have no idea why my bowl is empty or why my paws and neck are wet.

What? Are you yelling at cute little ME? Did you say, “Harry, NO!” again??

Tipping my water bowl over five times a day is a lot of work. I could use another nap.

And so it goes for 11-week-old Harry. Learning to be a therapy dog is hard, but he is making great progress in the schools. He loves people! He is doing a fantastic job with “sit” and “come” as long as there are plenty of yummy beef liver treats available.