Happy Halloween!

Howdy Pardners!

Sheriff Jeep, Deputy Keim, and Sheriff Zimmer are on a Principal round up today. There is a $1,000,000 reward for the safe capture of these notorious villains!

Dr. Wight is wanted for Driving a Clown Car.

Dr. Klene is wanted for Sliding Down a Slide at Recess.

Mrs. Allen is wanted for Rocking Out a Metallica Concert.

Mr. Feldman is wanted for Being a Human Sundae.

If you see any of these individuals, please exercise caution and contact Sheriff Jeep immediately.

Putting the Fluff to Good Use

Ever wonder what happens to all the loose Jeep fur that is not trapped in the house, on clothes, or at school? Well, some clever bird put the fur it found outside to special use. The bird lined its nest with Jeep’s fluff creating one comfy place to sleep. Obviously, it must have been a tiny bird when you compare the size of the nest to Jeep’s head. All in all, it is still pretty cute.

Last Day of Summer School

Jeep went all out in red, white, and blue to pump start the Fourth of July weekend. She also wanted to send off her summer school friends in style. Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

P.S. Attention Dog Friends! Please make sure your puppies are safe inside their house when the fireworks start. The loud noises scare a lot of dogs causing some of them to run away. We know that poor Dottie Com will be hiding in the mudroom closet for sure. In fact, we will leave the closet door open for her. At least she will stay safe!

Being a therapy dog is exhausting even if you are cute!

Who Wore It Best?

It’s time to have some summer fun! Get ready to laugh out loud with Jeep, Dottie Com, and Keeper the Cat as they take a spin on the fashion runway! Let us know who you thought wore the outfit the best.

Thank you zoo sitter extraordinaire, Deb Swanson, for the awesome video!