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Picture1Since making our twice weekly rounds to the schools last Spring, Jeep’s popularity has continued to soar.  Jeep’s personality is certainly suited to the work of a therapy dog.  She is extremely calm, especially for a puppy.  She loves visiting students and staff alike.  A number of parents have shared with me just how much their children talk about Jeep at home.

Hopefully students, staff and families will enjoy reading up on the antics of Jeep as she continues her training journey.  I appreciate how Jeep has helped me to connect with children and with staff.  As a superintendent, I know I have a much clearer understanding of the day to day operations of all our schools.

Thank you for allowing us both to be part of the greater Lake Villa community!


Dr. Lynette Zimmer, Jeep’s human sidekick and partnerFullSizeRender (9)


Honoring ALL Veterans

While Veterans Day is officially observed on Saturday, November 11th, Jeep and I are looking forward to seeing staff and students at all the schools tomorrow honoring the men and women who have served.

Jeep wants to be sure that we also remember our four legged friends who have bravely oiouioserved our country.  Did you know that there are roughly 2,500 dogs in active military service today and about 700 deployed overseas?

Officially dogs have fought alongside American forces since World War I.  It was in this war that a stray Pit Bull named Stubby saved an entire company from a deadly gas attack.  “Sergeant” Stubby fought

Sergeant Stubby

bravely in several campaigns and was wounded twice.  He went to the White House and met 3 presidents.  Stubby’s remains are still on display in the Smithsonian.

The most decorated WWII dog was a German Shepherd named Chips.  Chips broke away from his handler and attacked an enemy machine gun nest forcing ten enemy soldiers to surrender.


German Shepherds and Labs are the two breeds that are the most popular with the military.  They can detect weapons, bombs and gases more accurately than any available military equipment.  Trained dogs have a 98% accuracy in their detection skills.  But it is not only muscular Shepherds and Labs that become great military dogs.  The Navy Seals are very fond of the Belgian Malinois which resemble a smaller German Shepherd.  These dogs are incredibly fast and great sniffers.  Their smaller size makes them ideal for parachuting and repelling missions with their handlers.

If a military dog dies in combat, he or she is honored by their entire human squad.  Their feeding dishes are symbolically placed upside down and a special poem called Guardians of the Night is read to honor their commitment.

Thank you military dogs and people for your valuable service to our country!


263_militaryfgfduuysoldier-dogs-130221MoD-dogdd43c0c0e98e4e360cb271135c263a6ed9--military-working-dogs-military-dogs (1)

Jingle with Jeep at the Holiday Fair Tomorrow!

FullSizeRender copyJust a reminder to all Jeep’s friends that she will be at Palombi tomorrow for PTO’s 10th Annual Holiday Extravaganza from 10 AM to 3 PM.  There will be plenty for kids and families to see including a Kid’s Holiday Shop and a yummy Bake Sale.  (I am NOT telling Jeep about that part.)  Jeep will be with me in the gym for the Craft Fair.

In the meantime both Jeep and Dot are hoping Santa finds tennis balls, dog treats and yummy beef liver snacks to stuff in their stockings.

We hope to see you there!


Hello Coca-cola Polar Bear!

20171031_101326 Jeep is having a spectacular Halloween visiting all her friends at school and she couldn’t be more comfortable in her new Coke polar bear costume!

For those of you who don’t remember just how adorable the baby Coke polar bear is, check out this 1 minute commercial.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHclvW4sL7M

(By the way, maybe next year we should ask Dot Com to be a penguin.  She certainly has the right color!  What do you think?)



Jeep’s Not Ready

IMG_1659We all know how much Jeep likes to splash around in her pool.  Since it is almost November and the weather is getting chilly, I decided to empty Jeep’s pool last night. I cleaned out all the dirt and leaves (she happily brought in) and left the clean pool upside down to dry.

Apparently our friend Jeep had other ideas. She made it quite obvious that she was NOT in favor of calling pool time over despite the change in weather.  Being sensitive to my partner’s needs, I reluctantly filled it back up with fresh water once again so Jeep could splash and play.  I am thinking that she might make a good polar bear after all!IMG_1662

What will Jeep be for Halloween?

IMG_1540This is a question I am asked a lot lately.  Halloween is right around the corner and is definitely on the minds of our friends at Hooper, Martin and Thompson.

Jeep’s costume is always a challenge.  I don’t want to dye her fur because it might not come out.   She would look pretty funny with permanent zebra stripes painted on her, right?  I also know how much Jeep likes to be cool, so I can’t bring myself to cover her fluffy up with a hot costume.


You might recall that last year our


fuzzy friend


jj (1) was a Ty Beanie

Baby.  (I was dressed like Jeep because she is adorable and who doesn’t want to be adorable?)



Well, this year Jeep and I are going to be something fun that won’t involve a hot costume or painted fur.  Here is a hint for those of you who don’t know already.  In the meantime, be sure to get your own costume ready for the big day!  download



Meet Odin a True Pyrenees Hero

In casodin-2e you haven’t heard, Odin a working Great Pyrenees refused to abandon his eight goats during a recent California wildfire that swept quickly across his farm destroying almost everything in its path.  Odin’s human family along with a number of other dogs and cats were loaded onto a truck and left the dangerous fire.  Odin, however, being a traditionally stubborn and loyal Pyrenees refused to flee despite the danger.

Odin’s owner returned after the fire to find Odin, the eight goats and two baby deer also protected by Odin all safe and sound.  Brave Odin’s fur was singed, his whiskers melted and he was limping, but other than that he was ok!

You can see a short video of Odin the Hero along with his goats and sister Pyrenees named  Tessa.  Odin the Great Pyr   Odin is an inspiration to both humans and dogs everywhere!


The Return of Burr-Fur Monster

FullSizeRender (21)Jeep enjoys running outside in the woods with Dot Com looking for new holes to dig.

Unfortunately for me, Jeep has not learned to stay away from plants with burrs on them.  Her fur (unlike Dot’s short fur) is a burr magnet.  Sometimes I have to brush her fur twice a day to get all the burrs out. I am glad that she is so patient about being brushed.

If you have a dog with longer fur like Jeep that attracts burrs or mats up I highly recommend this $9 Safari

De-Matting Comb from Amazon.  Yesterday Jeep actually fell asleep as I brushed her with it.  What a good girl!61TmppmYnFL._SL1500_FullSizeRender (22)FullSizeRender (25)

FullSizeRender (23)
Louie the Cat loves Jeep no matter how dirty or burr-filled she gets.  What a pal!



Jeep Passes All Her Tests!

It is official!  Jeep has earned her therapy dog title!  She and I are now a therapy teamFullSizeRender (17) and we can wofooter-logo-2rk in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, and cancer centers.  Right now Jeep and I will continue to focus our time at Hooper, Martin, Thompson and Palombi schools.  We all know Jeep loves kids more than steak bones and with four schools to visit she is in high demand.

special thanks to the students, staff and friends that have had a hand (or paw) in training our friend Jeep.  Students have been especially helpful in Jeep’s training by remembering to use quiet voices and to be calm when Jeep visits.  Not a day goes by that I don’t stop and marvel at how well-suited Jeep is for her work.  I sure couldn’t ask for a better partner!  Way to go Jeep!!!FullSizeRender (14)

Happy First Day of School

IMG_1240Just like the kids, Jeep was very excited to see all her friends at school.  She met kids as they arrived to at Martin.  She also participated in Thompson’s Opening Day Assembly while wearing a super hero cape.  She meandered around Palombi and spent her afternoon at Hooper.  Jeep is one tired, but contented puppy.IMG_3398


And sometimes, Jeep just wants to sit on my lap.

Or better yet, stretch out under my desk.  Nighty Night, Sleepy Jeepy!FullSizeRender (8)FullSizeRender (7)