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Picture1Since making our twice weekly rounds to the schools last Spring, Jeep’s popularity has continued to soar.  Jeep’s personality is certainly suited to the work of a therapy dog.  She is extremely calm, especially for a puppy.  She loves visiting students and staff alike.  A number of parents have shared with me just how much their children talk about Jeep at home.

Hopefully students, staff and families will enjoy reading up on the antics of Jeep as she continues her training journey.  I appreciate how Jeep has helped me to connect with children and with staff.  As a superintendent, I know I have a much clearer understanding of the day to day operations of all our schools.

Thank you for allowing us both to be part of the greater Lake Villa community!


Dr. Lynette Zimmer, Jeep’s human sidekick and partnerFullSizeRender (9)


Wearing of the Green

downloadDon’t let this white fluffy leprechaun fool you!  Jeep is celebrating St Paddy’s Day a wee bit early with her friends.  I hope her supersonic nose will sniff out the hidden pot of gold the leprechauns left behind, but I ‘m sure Jeep would prefer a pot of yummy beef liver treats instead.  There is just no accounting for taste, is there?  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!IMG_2484


IMG_3994 (1)IMG_2508IMG_2501IMG_2507


Friday is Read Across America

drSeussBirthdayGreeting_806x806.jpgBe sure to grab a book and join Jeep and all of her Lake Villa friends by celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  Dr Seuss would turn 108 years old on Friday had he still been alive.  I wonder how old that would make him in dog years…..

Jeep is looking forward to visiting schools wearing something special for the occasion.  She also thinks that someone should write a Dog in the Hat book – what’s so great about the Cat anyway?Dog in the HatIMG_2416

Celebrate the Year of the Dog

year-of-dogChinese New Year starts February 16th and Jeep couldn’t be happier to celebrate the Year of the Dog!  You may not know this, but Chinese New year takes place on a different date each year because it is based on the lunar calendar.

Legend has it that back in ancient days a Chinese emperor ordered 12 animals to become20493_Chinese-New-Year-Year-of-the-Dog-So-Bring-your-Dog-@-Greenbelt-Nature-Center part of the calendar.   The dog was chosen to be one of the animals.  (Seems like an obvious choice, right?) Some Chinese believe that if a dog comes into a house it is symbolizes the coming of a fortune.  What do you think it means if a dog comes into a school?

We all know that most dogs (especially our friend Jeep) are loyal, friendly and kind.  With a little luck (and with the help of dogs everywhere) we will have an entire year of kindness!  That’s pretty dog gone great!IMG_0715 (1)

Snow Chasers

IMG_1577Jeep and Dot Com love to chase each other.  The chase game is even more fun in the snow.   In this short video Dottie looks pretty snazzy in her new red coat.  (Jeep put a couple holes in her old one.  I am sure it was just an accident, right Jeep?) Jeep, of course, doesn’t need a coat.  If you look closely, you can see that Dot actually has a yellow tennis ball in her mouth that she is showing off to Jeep.  What a tease you are Dot!

More Snow Tonight

Jeep enjoyed the snowy weekend and spent most of her time outside without me.  I let her in for brief moments just to melt some of the snow that was clumped inside her paws She seemed not mind that her feet were frozen.   Jeep is keeping her paws crossed for more snow tonight.

Take a look at this video to see another smart Great Pyrenees escape from drowning when she fell through a hole in the ice.  It is amazing that the dog knew what to do with the rope – that is one smart pup.  The nice man that saved the pyr wasn’t even the pyr’s owner.  That is what I call KINDNESS in action!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2QLvphBmdQ

Wahoo! Six More Weeks of Winter!

groundhog4Our friend Jeep is SO happy that the groundhog saw his shadow this morning!  Bring on the snow and ice – Jeep wants to play outside ALL day!  It is supposed to snow quite a bit this weekend so I promise to post some pictures of the big fluff ball in the snow.  Maybe I can even convince Dot Com into going outside with her.  Good thing Dot has a winter coat.  I wonder if she would wear boots.

FullSizeRender (71)

See Jeep this Friday at PTO’s Family Fun Night

IMG_1685Jeep will be there right as the doors open at 6 PM on Friday night at Palombi Middle School.  Our wonderful Lake Villa PTO is hosting this FREE event for families.  Last year Jeep was quite intrigued with kids playing in the Bouncy House and flying down the slide. Jeep didn’t get to go in it herself – it is tough having big paws with claws not to mention double dew claws.

This year there will be music provided by DJ Maximus as well as face painting, a balloon artist,  a funky photo booth and Bingo with prizes.

Family Fun Night runs from 6 – 8:30 PM.  Kids tell your parents and grandparents it’s time to have some fun!  Hope to see you there!

PTO Family Fun Night


This weekend our girl Jeep decided to take disappearing snow matters into her own paws.  If you can’t play in snow, at least you can always play in mud.  (Personally I prefer her rolling in the snow.) Oh, Jeep, good thing you are cute!

IMG_6394 (1)IMG_6395IMG_6401

Someone had dinner on the porch