Welcome to Jeep’s Blog!

Picture1Since making our twice weekly rounds to the schools last Spring, Jeep’s popularity has continued to soar.  Jeep’s personality is certainly suited to the work of a therapy dog.  She is extremely calm, especially for a puppy.  She loves visiting students and staff alike.  A number of parents have shared with me just how much their children talk about Jeep at home.

Hopefully students, staff and families will enjoy reading up on the antics of Jeep as she continues her training journey.  I appreciate how Jeep has helped me to connect with children and with staff.  As a superintendent, I know I have a much clearer understanding of the day to day operations of all our schools.

Thank you for allowing us both to be part of the greater Lake Villa community!


Dr. Lynette Zimmer, Jeep’s human sidekick and partnerFullSizeRender (9)


Burrs Anyone?

Jeep definitely found lots of burrs to decorate her coat for the holidays. Even though they are friends, I am glad Jeep didn’t share any with Dot Com!

I think that snow will be much more fun!

Happy Halloween!

Howdy Pardners!

Sheriff Jeep, Deputy Keim, and Sheriff Zimmer are on a Principal round up today. There is a $1,000,000 reward for the safe capture of these notorious villains!

Dr. Wight is wanted for Driving a Clown Car.

Dr. Klene is wanted for Sliding Down a Slide at Recess.

Mrs. Allen is wanted for Rocking Out a Metallica Concert.

Mr. Feldman is wanted for Being a Human Sundae.

If you see any of these individuals, please exercise caution and contact Sheriff Jeep immediately.