Two of a Kind

IMG_12014 month old Pyrenees puppy Willow arrived this morning for a play date with our fluffy friend Jeep.  Jeep was very excited to see her.  You can see that Jeep has a definite size advantage, but when it comes to playing, Willow can now hold her own.  Of course, Jeep played extra nice with Willow during


the visit.


(Check out the video below.) Good girl, Jeep!

Thank you Mr. Johnson for bringing Willow in today! She is “pyr” pleasure!

Jeep’s Mini Me

What could be cuter than a Great Pyrenees?

Try TWO pyrs, especially when one is still a puppy!  Fluffy 13 week old Willow came to meet Jeep for the first time today.  You might recall that Willow’s owner is Palombi teacher Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson has been busy this summer teaching Willow important dog things like how to walk on a leash nicely, how to go up and down stairs and how to interact with people and dogs. Of course being a pyr, Willow is a natural at the people part. However, going down the stairs is going to take a little more work.  (Remember when our friend Jeep had trouble learning that, too?)

Jeep really enjoyed the visit and did a fantastic job at trying to convince Willow to play. Jeep’s tail was up and wagging and she made lots of play bows to invite images (1)Willow to join the game.  By the end of the visit, Willow started to have some fun.  Jeep sure enjoys making new friends, especially when they are a fuzzy puppy!


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Another Fluffy Friend!

imagejpeg_0yityOh oh!  Just look at this little bundle of pyr fluff!  I bet I know who she reminds you of!

Palombi teacher Mr. Johnson brought home 12 week old baby Willow yesterday.  Willow was born in Iowa.  Happily for us, Mr. Johnson brought Willow to the district office this morning so we could all get some puppy love.  What a cutie!

Stay tuned because next week our friend Jeep will meet Willow for the first time.  That should be quite a bit of pyr fun!

Jeep’s Busy Summer

Jeep is having a very busy summer!  Today she visited with a local church youth group and watched a flag raising ceremony.  After that she went to Thompson School to say good bye to all her summer school friends since today is the last day of summer school. Didn’t that time go by fast?

No doubt Jeep will miss her kid friends, but she will continue her training this summer by politely walking around Lake Geneva’s streets and stores.  Of course she will also have plenty of splash time with Dottie Com in her wading pool.  And, if she is really lucky she might be allowed to play in the mud when it rains.  We will have to see……




First Day of Summer School

Jeep was on hand to welcome all students to Summer School at Thompson this morning.  Some of Jeep’s friends from Hooper and Martin were both surprised and pleased to know that Jeep visits all four Lake Villa 41 schools.

Jeep’s tail couldn’t keep still when she saw her kid friends return.  Good girl, Jeep!

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender copy

Mrs. Fluff n Stuff

FullSizeRender (77)We all know Jeep is the ultimate chill dog.  She rarely gets excited and when she does she will gently wag her tail.  She doesn’t jump, doesn’t bark and doesn’t run around.  She is calm even in the lunchroom.  Jeep likes nothing more than hanging out with her kid friends (unless of course there was some mud nearby.)

Jeep is very lucky.  She has a lot of kids that love to hug her and some like to use her as a fluffy pillow.  I have to admit, that is one thing that I like to do, too.

Remember when Jeep first came to school?  She was 16 pounds.  She is now 100 pounds of pyr fluffy love.


FullSizeRender (83)