The Return of Mud Monster

A Smiling Mud Monster

In case you are wondering what Jeep is doing over Spring Break, these pictures should give you a pretty good idea.  Our Mud Monster has returned!  Jeep is enjoying every minute of her time outside.   She stays out for hours finding new ways to roll, dig and flop in the dirt.

Fortunately, our friend Jeep is very good-natured about getting a bath when it’s finally time to come inside.  She actually walks me into the shower and waits patiently as I gather towels and turn the cold water on for her. (Of course it is cold water –  after all, she is a Pyrenees!)



Dot Com is wondering what happened to you

IMG_0105FullSizeRender (75)

What do you mean I can’t come in?

Kiss Me I’m Irish

FullSizeRender-6 copyJeep was feeling the green today as she walked through the halls of Thompson, Martin, Hooper and Palombi.

Hopefully she doesn’t really think she has anything in common with leprechauns.  They are naughty!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Jeep’s Snow Day

FullSizeRender (71)While we might not like the bitter cold blast that is currently sweeping the Midwest, our friend Jeep is ecstatic. Jeep stayed home yesterday and played in the snow for over 12 hours.  She didn’t even want to come in for dinner.

Of course she liked it best when Dot Com ventured out for a few minutes.  Apparently it is quite fun to chase Dot in the snow.  Dot seemed to enjoy the attention and certainly did her own share of chasing.

This has been Jeep’s first winter and I am pleased download (1) she got some more time to play in the snow.

Goodness knows it won’t be long before Jeep will be playing in the mud instead.  We all know how much she likes to do that!  Ugh.

Puppy Play or Puppy Fight?

Jeep and Dot Com spend a lot of time together playing.  It seems they particularly enjoy roughhousing when I am sitting on the floor with them.  Often the play involves one of them holding a toy in her mouth and trying to get me or the other dog to take it.  Here is a clip of Jeep trying to get Dot to play with her.  Notice how big Jeep’s mouth is compared to Dot’s?  Dot tries to pretend she is not interested in the ball, but we all know she really is.  Dot is CRAZY about tennis balls.  Dot cannot stand it if Jeep has a ball.  Of course, this makes Jeep all the more playful.

You can also see how the dogs use their paws to playfully swipe at each other.  Of course our friend Jeep has some pretty big paws, but Dot doesn’t seem to mind.  In fact a lot of times Dot is the one who starts it.  Jeep and Dot also like to chest bump each other.  Take a peek.

So how do you know if the puppies are playing or really fighting?  When dogs play their tails are up and wagging.  You might see the dogs bow down on their front legs to each other.  Just like when you play with your friends, there should  be turn taking.  Yes, after a few minutes Jeep will drop the ball and Dottie will happily snatch it up.  Then the game starts all over again with Dot trying to get Jeep to take the ball from her.

While the dogs might be growling as part of the fun, their mouths should be open and their heads moving loosely.  Dogs who are fighting freeze their bodies, stare, then lunge.

I am happy that Jeep and Dot Com have so much fun together.  They really are best buddies even if Dot wants to steal all the tennis balls.

Jeep Celebrates Seuss-style

Jeep and I are both big fans of Dr. Seuss.  We bet you are, too!   We had a fabulous time download-4download-2celebrating Reading Across America today honoring the birthday of download-1Dr. Seuss with first Hooper’s first graders.

Thanks to Miss Heifner, my pal Jeep and I had two very glamorous outfits to wear.  This was Jeep’s first time being dressed in a t-shirt. She was very good-natured about wearing it (and keeping it on).

fullsizerender-65Jeep was Thing 1 and I was Thing 2.  Of course Jeep was Thing 1 – you know she always comes first in my book.  Speaking of books, be sure to pick up your own book today and READ, READ, READ!download-3

Be sure to check out this interactive link to explore more about the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss.  You won’t be disappointed!

Team Jeep’s Test Delayed

48c71bcfbf06d3215617b65bf48f5252_like-this-item-pet-therapy-pet-therapy-dog-black-and-white-clipart_422-398We just found out that two of the evaluators for our therapy team test could not make it tonight so we have to reschedule for another Tuesday evening.

While Jeep and I were excited to finally take the test, we are looking on the bright side.  Now we have even more time to practice!  (Think win- win!)

                                              One of our ” pawsative”supporters – another pyr!

Keep Your Paws Crossed

img_0145Kids aren’t the only ones practicing the 7 Habits.  Jeep ntz_begin_with_the_end_ihas worked hard on Begin with the End in Mind. Do you remember Jeep’s goal to become a therapy dog? She has been working on her goal for almost a year and she is finally ready to take the test!

On Tuesday night Jeep and I will be tested for the first time 16143151_1112436935546365_4354601938847724932_nto become a pet therapy team with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  If we pass the test on Tuesday, we will still have to be observed three separate times before we are officially recognized as a therapy team.

Our friend Jeep has to do a number of things to pass the test.  Jeep must:

  • Be good around other dogs
  • Walk on a leash without pulling (loose leash)
  • Allow strangers to pet her all over including her tail
  • Not react to loud noises
  • Remain calm
  • Not jump up on people
  • Follow all hand signals and commands
  • Not react to people walking unsteadily, walking with canes or using  wheelchairs
  • Not show signs of stress
  • Be clean and well groomed
  • Be current on all vaccinations

Thank you to all her kid and teacher friends for helping us train. I think we have a great shot of passing the test.  Keep your paws crossed for us and I will keep you posted!

Go Jeep!16708273_1392751174122975_5836284985160641416_n

Puppy Love on Valentine’s Day


Who’s silly idea is this anyway? Next thing you know, she will make me wear a scarf!

Our friend Jeep was busy today making her rounds to Thompson, Hooper, Martin and Palombi handing out pyr  (as in Pyrenees) love to all her kid friends for Valentine’s Day.  We all know that Jeep loves kids more than steak bones and what better way to celebrate than stepping out with a Valentine’s Day party hat?


I was amazed just how long Jeep managed to keep her hat on her head.  Dot tried it at home and it stayed on less than five seconds.  Do you think it’s because the hat  belonged to Jeep?  Probably.

Jeep hopes your Valentine’s Day was filled with sweetness and fun!

Way to Go Kids!

img_0146You helped all  Jeep’s furry friends by raising over $1,440 for Save-A-Pet!!!  That is incredible! Do you know that this is the highest amount of money ever raised by the Library for Save-A-Pet?

Thank you for going to one of Jeep’s favorite places (the Lake Villa District Library) and filling in those reading logs for the month of January.  You made a BIG difference for a lot of pets who are looking for their “fur-ever” homes.  Jeep and I are both very proud of you!71hpretjsql-_sl1500_