Jeep’s First Day of School

Jeep was so excited to see all her friends at Thompson, Hooper, Martin and Palombi today.  Many of Jeep’s friends were astonished by  much Jeep grew over the summer.  You can see just how happy Jeep is to have kids back at school.  How can a dog even smile like that?

Smiles at Palombi


Thompson Friends

Jeep is now 7 mFullSizeRenderonths old and weighs over 80 pounds.  She still has a lot of growing to do.  Eventually she will weigh about 125 pounds.  Great Pyrenees belong to the “giant” breed of dogs.  Jeep has doubled the size of her dog sister Dot Com.  You remember Dot Com don’t you?  She is that crazy German Short Hair Pointer who can’t slow down enough to be a therapy dog. Dot Com is always on the go and I am surprised she stopped running long enough to get her picture taken.   This is a picture of when Dot Com and Jeep first met just six short months ago.


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