Jeep’s New Year’s Resolutions

img_2769The start of 2017 is a perfect time for Jeep to think about setting some New Year’s resolutions.   Not only is it the beginning of a whole new year, but our friend Jeep is now a  year old.  Don’t you think she is ready to act like the big girl she already is?

Here are some resolutions I have for Jeep. We would love to hear what other ones you have for her!

I would like Jeep to:

  • Not pretend her water bowl is an indoor water park and splash pool.
  • ALWAYS come right away when asked – no matter how much snow is falling.
  • Not use Dot Com’s neck  and back legs as coyote hunting practice.
  • Not play in the mud immediately after a bath.
  • Close her mouth entirely after drinking and before moving away from the water bowl.
  • Pause long enough after digging to let the mud fall off before stepping into the house.
  • Chew things that are clearly meant for her such as chew toys and bones, not twenty dollar bills, slippers, books, or rolls of toilet paper.

Be sure to send us your ideas for Jeep’s New Year’s Resolutions.  Happy 2017!

8 thoughts on “Jeep’s New Year’s Resolutions

  1. HaPpY NeW YeAr!

    I think you should learn some tricks like to jump through the hula-hoop, sit, and give a “high-five!” ~L.L.

    I think you should learn drink your water better and not make messes. ~C.N.

    I think you should learn to not chew up stuffed animals either. ~N.M.

    xxoo-Miss Heifner’s First Grade Class!

    Hope to see you soon Jeep!

    Did you like our birthday cards? We sent them to you in the school mail!


  2. Why, yes! Jeep and I loved reading her birthday cards! She also like the pink crown. We hung the cards on the office walls for decoration. Thanks for all the fluffy nice thoughts!


  3. Looks like somebody has her job cut out, and I don’t mean Jeep!

    Jeep discussed the topic of resolutions with me on Sunday. She shared the following ones with me: 1) I will clean off all the dishes so Mom doesn’t have to stick them in the washer. 2) I will help myself to snacks on the table so no one feels obliged to feed me. 3) I will roll in the burrs so Mom can brush me often. (She loves to brush me! ) 4) I will try harder to get dirty. Mom loves to take showers with me! 5) I will continue to help with the house cleanning by chewing up things that are lying around. This will make vacuming easier for them. 6) I will continue to teach Dot new self defence moves. 7) I will be patient in trying to teach them to leave the toilet lids up. Those little water bowls they give me are just silly. 8) I will restrain myself from coming when called. I know Mom just loves to hear herself talk!

    Don’t tell Jeep I shared these with you. She might have wanted this to be just between the two of us. I would, however, appreciate an occassional progress report.



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