Jeeps Checks Out Winterfest

download-1Cold weather is definitely something Jeep thinks should be celebrated.  Recently Jeep went to downtown Lake Geneva to see (and mostly sniff) the 2017 National snow sculptures.  That’s right, an entire sculpture made of one of her favorite things in the world- snow! Fifteen teams of snow sculptors spent three days, often working into the night, to create magnificent works of art out of a nine foot high pile of snow.

Sadly as the weekend drew to a close, so did the cold weather. I am sure you can guess what that means. In Jeep’s pictures you can see the sculptures slowly melting.   Too bad they couldn’t take Frosty the Snowman’s advice and thumpty-thump right out of town. Well, it was good while it lasted.  Cheer up Jeep, there is always next year.


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