Paws Up for the Library

Jeep is a huge fan of the Lake Villa District Library.  She is especially fond of her


library pal Booker (even though he never gets scolded for barking) and their Scooby-Do reading dog program (with real therapy dogs just like Jeep) for kids. Likewise, the Lake Villa District Library has so many interesting materials and activities for families to enjoy.  Our school district is so fortunate to have such a great partner in learning!  In case you missed it, here is a copy of their latest newsletter filled with exciting opportunities for families.  Library Newsletter

So what could be better than the Lake Villa District Library?  How about a brand NEW Lake Villa District Library!  That is right!  The new library will be ready to open sometime in February 2019. There is going to be a completely updated youth department with fun things for kids to do (and hopefully with even double the amount of books about dogs) as well as an entire technology focus area for students in middle school thru high school to use.  You can find out much more at and click the link on the right.

Today Jeep and I attended the official Library groundbreaking ceremony with a number of community officials including two mayors.  I was especially proud of Jeep resisting the temptation to dig in the dirt herself – thankfully she let the people with the shovels handle that part.  I am sure that was hard for her knowing how much she enjoys a satisfying fresh dirt dig.  Good girl, Jeep.  She also was a great sport about wearing a hardhat in a construction zone.  What a dog!


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