Remembering Nora the Polar Bear

rttnora1maxresdefaultYou might recall seeing Nora the Polar Bear last year.  We thought she might be the perfect friend for Jeep. (SSSHhhh! Don’t tell Dot Com!)  Not only do Nora and Jeep look alike, but Nora also enjoys playing in a kiddie pool – only her’s is filled with ice cubes, not water.  The holes on the sides of the pool look a little familiar.

Below is a video of Nora one year later.  Boy!  If you think Jeep has grown a lot in one year, wait until you see Nora!  (Besides, we all know Jeep isn’t big; she’s fluffy.)

Jeep wishes we would get as much snow as Nora did at her zoo in Ohio.  Jeep is keeping her paws crossed for a BIG snow storm.  All our buddy Jeep wants for Christmas is SNOW and maybe a play date with Nora.  Let’s hope Santa delivers!



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