Sunday is Squirrel Appreciation Day

squirrelMany dogs love squirrels – love to chase them that is!  Dot Com and Jeep are no exception, although I do have to say Dottie is probably overly enthusiastic in this regard.  Dot gets so excited when she sees a squirrel in a tree or on the ground, she actually starts to tremble and shake. Because she is a German Shorthair Pointer, her hunting instinct is quite strong.  I sometimes feel quite sorry for the squirrels she torments.

its-squirrel-appreciation-yp17ksOften Jeep will join Dot on the squirrel chase, but then usually she loses interest and starts eating snow.   Jeep is much kinder to the squirrels.  She thinks every day should be Squirrel Appreciation Day!  Check out how one person celebrates by making a squirrel obstacle course – the squirrels are going to get to your bird feeder anyhow so you might as well make it interesting!

(Check out our fuzzy snow cruncher in this short video. I think her snow beard looks cute, don’t you?)

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