Wahoo! Six More Weeks of Winter!

groundhog4Our friend Jeep is SO happy that the groundhog saw his shadow this morning!  Bring on the snow and ice – Jeep wants to play outside ALL day!  It is supposed to snow quite a bit this weekend so I promise to post some pictures of the big fluff ball in the snow.  Maybe I can even convince Dot Com into going outside with her.  Good thing Dot has a winter coat.  I wonder if she would wear boots.

FullSizeRender (71)

4 thoughts on “Wahoo! Six More Weeks of Winter!

  1. Oh Jeep! Maybe you should live in Alaska! Some of us here don’t much like the snow! That’s ok though. We have to take what we get! I hope for you that it does snow, just not too much!


  2. IS~ You look so cute in the snow!
    CG ~ I know you will be warm in that thick coat Jeepy!
    CC ~ I like to play in the snow too!
    MO ~ I hope you have fun.

    We are excited to see the newest snow pics with Jeep and Dot Com.

    Miss Heifner’s class


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