Celebrate the Year of the Dog

year-of-dogChinese New Year starts February 16th and Jeep couldn’t be happier to celebrate the Year of the Dog!  You may not know this, but Chinese New year takes place on a different date each year because it is based on the lunar calendar.

Legend has it that back in ancient days a Chinese emperor ordered 12 animals to become20493_Chinese-New-Year-Year-of-the-Dog-So-Bring-your-Dog-@-Greenbelt-Nature-Center part of the calendar.   The dog was chosen to be one of the animals.  (Seems like an obvious choice, right?) Some Chinese believe that if a dog comes into a house it is symbolizes the coming of a fortune.  What do you think it means if a dog comes into a school?

We all know that most dogs (especially our friend Jeep) are loyal, friendly and kind.  With a little luck (and with the help of dogs everywhere) we will have an entire year of kindness!  That’s pretty dog gone great!IMG_0715 (1)

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