Jeep is All Smiles at the Dentist

Jeep visited the dentist today with my husband just to remind all her kid friends that a visit to the dentist’s office isn’t scary.  In fact, Jeep enjoyed meeting the whole crew at Smiles by Design in Richmond – just check out her smile!

Jeep and my husband were welcomed by an amiable receptionist named Barb who asked all kinds of questions before the actual teeth cleaning.  Barb escorted Jeep and my husband into a special room with a big, comfortable chair and special lights.  Jeep watched on as Kathy, a skilled dental hygenist, busily cleaned and polished my husband’s teeth.  When Kathy was finished our friendly dentist, Dr. Jim Reichle, examined all of his teeth to be sure there were no cavities or problems.  Everyone was very kind and attentive!

Did you know that both dogs and people have two sets of teeth during their lives? A dog’s first set has 28 baby teeth and its adult set has 42 teeth. That is a third more than people have!  We only have 20 baby teeth and 32 adult teeth.  Both dogs and people can experience tooth decay and gum disease. Just like people, if a dog loses an adult tooth it won’t regrow.   That is why it is so important to take care of both your teeth and your fuzzy friend’s teeth.  For tips on how to clean your own dog’s teeth check out:

10 Ways to Clean your Dog’s Teeth

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