Jeep is All Smiles on the First Day Back

IMG_3432Jeep certainly missed her kid friends over the summer.  She spent the morning at Hooper and Thompson Schools.  She watched over the new seventh graders at Palombi as they figured out where to sit in a new cafeteria.  This afternoon – after she has had a nap and a couple of bowls of water – she will head over to Martin to see her friends there. She is one busy pup!

WELCOME BACK!!!  We all missed you!!


5 thoughts on “Jeep is All Smiles on the First Day Back

    1. You are so welcome! It is a harder day for our kindergarten moms than our kindergarten kids!! Jeep and I are headed over to Martin now. We will be sure to stop by and see the little guys – hopefully, they won’t be as sleepy as Jeep on the first day!


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