Jeep is Doing Great!

img_0306Thanks to Dr. Scot and his team at Lake Geneva Animal Hospital, our friend Jeep is well on the road to recovery.  She came home tonight and is finally sleeping.  She was a bit out of it from her pain medication.  She tends to whimper when I leave her side so guess who will be spending the night on the floor in my sleeping bag beside the big fluff?   Come on, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with all that fluff?

Here are pictures of her surgery that went SO well!!  Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers and concern for Mrs. Fuzzypants – well she isn’t so fuzzy on one side of her pants now, but the magic fluff will grow back.  BTW Dottie Com has been very worried about her sister.  Good girl, Dot!

Dot seemed sad not to have her friend Jeep to play with her today – so was I!  Dottie kept looking out the window awaiting Jeep’s return.  Dot does have a great snuggly side about her.



Jeep did very well during surgery thanks to her talented vet team.

Dottie really wants to help her friend, but we can’t allow her to get too close to Jeep who is sore.  Poor Dottie, but what a good friend she is to keep watch.

Dottie and I are SO happy to have Jeep back home and doing well!!!!  Now we just have to pass the weeks and let our girl heal.  Good girl, Jeep!


4 thoughts on “Jeep is Doing Great!

  1. Thank you Alex! Our girl had a much better night last night. She has her bandage off and is not licking her wound which is great. Hope you and your brother are doing great things in high school!


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