Back for a Limited Time Only

So happy to be with kid friends again!

This morning, Jeep was all tail wags to visit her friends at Martin School.  She has yet to make it back to Thompson, Hooper, and Palombi, but don’t worry – she will!

Jeep is still limping slightly and favoring her right back leg.  Stairs remain off-limits.  After our visit to Martin, we took the elevator up to our second-floor office at Palombi where she gulped some water, chomped down some yummy beef liver treats, and slept the afternoon away.  Jeep will have to build her stamina back up before she can handle two schools in one day.

Special thanks to my husband for driving down here so he could lift the fluff ball in and out of the Jeep vehicle so she didn’t have to use her ramp.  You’re the best!

So many questions!  “Jeep, where have you been????”
Special buddies saying HELLO!
See how well Jeep’s scar is healing on her back left leg!
Somewhere under those kids is a big ball of fluff

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