Field Day Frenzy

IMG_0943Jeep was all smiles watching all the kids at Martin, Thompson, and Hooper Schools participate in the annual outdoor Field Day games.  Students joined multi-grade teams, chose colors, and created team names.  Sixth-grade students served as team leaders, coaches, helpers, and organizers for the younger students.

Many students wanted to know what team Jeep would be on and what color Jeep would wear.  As you can see, Jeep chose to be all-inclusive by wearing a rainbow tutu and scarf. Even her leash was rainbow colored.   Jeep embraces all people, all of the time.

Good girl, Jeep! We all had fun!IMG_0972IMG_0997IMG_0992IMG_0944IMG_0952IMG_0975IMG_0920IMG_0914IMG_0939IMG_0924IMG_0929

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