Jeep’s New Book

Perhaps you have read Jeep’s previous two books – they are a big hit in the school libraries!

Since then, kids continually ask me,  “When is Jeep’s next book coming out?”  Well, the LONG wait is over!

How I Lost my Fuzzypants – Just Another Jeep Adventure has just been released.  This book tells the story of Jeep’s knee injury and recovery.  In this book, Jeep learns that it’s not how we look that makes us special, it’s who we are inside that matters.

If you are a Lake Villa 41 student or staff member you can purchase How I Lost my Fuzzypants for $10 by filling out this  Order Form and bringing the form with payment to the school office.  (If you don’t have a printer, you can put your name and teacher’s name in an envelope with your money.)  Jeep will be sure that you get your book.

If you want a book and you  AREN’T part of the Lake Villa School District, you can send payment and your address to me and I will be happy to mail one out to you.  (Lynette Zimmer, 131 McKinley Avenue, Lake Villa IL  60046).

The best part is that ALL proceeds from the sale of the book go directly back to the schools to help fund the Leader in Me program.  Kids get a Jeep book with a very important message and the schools get money for this special program.  That is what our friend Jeep calls a win-win!  Good girl Jeep!



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