Hey Kids!!

Jeep wants to know how you are spending your time off from school!

Jeep is getting in extra naps and enjoying her mud outside.

Leave her  a comment and let her know what you are up to.  She misses all of her kid friends, but she is so happy you are at home and keeping up with your learning.

9 thoughts on “Hey Kids!!

  1. Hi, Jeep and Dr. Zimmer! Jeep sure does have some muddy paws!
    I’m spending my time by….continuing my principal work from home, watching movies each night with my family, and training our puppy (Chase).
    Dr. Keim


    1. Dear Jerp I hope you have a good time. I miss you very much. I have been doing great staying busy playing cards and on ABC mouse. Stay safe and u hope to see you soon. Don’t get hurt. Love danielle w.


  2. I am geeing muddy too, but with riding my bike and getting the soil ready for plants. But, Jeep is so well trained. she popped right up from sleep when you said her name.


  3. Hi Jeep and Dr. Zimmer. I have been on my Xbox watching videos on YouTube and playing games. Ms. Karhoff sent us a bunch of stuff to do from home. I have the picture of you and I up on my wall so its easier for me to fall asleep at night. I miss you Jeep! Mom played the video of Jeep all muddy. I had a big smile on my face. My dog Eclipse loves the mud too and she comes inside with muddy paws! I hope to see you soon!
    Love, Blake


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