Putting the Fluff to Good Use

Ever wonder what happens to all the loose Jeep fur that is not trapped in the house, on clothes, or at school? Well, some clever bird put the fur it found outside to special use. The bird lined its nest with Jeep’s fluff creating one comfy place to sleep. Obviously, it must have been a tiny bird when you compare the size of the nest to Jeep’s head. All in all, it is still pretty cute.

3 thoughts on “Putting the Fluff to Good Use

  1. Even the birds can tell Jeep is a special dog…I can’t think of any other dog I know being fluffy enough to be part of a bird nest! The babies would have be so comfy they wouldn’t have wanted to leave their nest!

    Sandra DeCesaro Philippians 4:13



    1. This msg is for Lynn….This is Nancy Elsenbroich – you remember from Holy Cross. We just saw you and Jeep at the funeral not too long ago. I have a favor of you…..next week is Loretta & Dan’s 50th anniversary. I bought a special anniversary frame, but have no photo to place in it. Do you have a 4×6 picture of their wedding that you could email to me ? I’m hoping to give it to them on Sunday at church. Please let me know if you can help, OK ? I wish that I had your email address. Thanks, Nancy


      1. Hello Nancy! I got your message. How thoughtful of you! Please email me your own email address and I can send you some to print. If you don’t have a printer, email me your house address and I will have some sent. My email is zimmerlynette@yahoo.com. Have a lovely day!


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