Holy Harry!

Harry dug his very first hole in the dirt this weekend. I am sure it will be the first of many.

Great Pyrs love to dig, and Baby Harry is no exception! Pyrs dig craters in the dirt so they can lie down and keep cool. Good thing Jeep and Harry have plenty of unlandscaped fenced area to find places to make new holes.

Dottie also likes to dig, and unlike a Pyr, she can go on for hours digging the same hole deeper and deeper. Sometimes Dot digs so deep you can only see her wagging tail above the dirt because the rest of her is in the hole.

Dottie likes to help Harry. At least Jeep and Harry stop digging once they have a cool place for their tummies – Pyr holes are never all that deep.

Check out Harry’s short video clip.

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