Jeep is Back at School!

The big white fluff is back visiting her friends at school! While it takes her a bit longer to walk through the buildings and greet students because of COVID protocols, both the students and Jeep are enjoying their time together. Students diligently use hand sanitizer before petting Jeep. They patiently wait for Jeep to come to them so they can maintain social distance. Many students think Jeep has gotten bigger since they last saw her, but I remind them she is only 105 lbs of fluff (OK, she used to be 98 lbs) but who hasn’t packed on a few COVID pounds? At least Jeep now can happily walk them off as she travels through the schools. It is great to have her back!

Needing a Friend Fix?

IMG_1577Staying away from school is hard! We can’t see our friends.  We can’t see our teachers and principals right now. Your teachers and principals are setting up ways for kids to stay connected to learning using technology.  That will start up on April 7th.

In the meantime, if you want to see some smiling school faces, be sure to watch this video created by our teacher friend, Mrs. Jen Carter, a few years ago.  I hope it makes you smile as much as it does us!

P.S. Jeep sure does miss all of you!!! She is glad she gets to hang out with Dottie Com.

Click on the link below to start smiling –

A Friendship Story

Last of the Snow for Jeep

IMG_0816Spring has arrived, but so did a little snow this morning.  Jeep took full advantage of the snow and hasn’t come in all day even though it has since melted.  Too bad there wasn’t enough snow to build a snowman or a snow dog. I guess for now, Jeep will have to do.

Hey Kids!!

Jeep wants to know how you are spending your time off from school!

Jeep is getting in extra naps and enjoying her mud outside.

Leave her  a comment and let her know what you are up to.  She misses all of her kid friends, but she is so happy you are at home and keeping up with your learning.

See Jeep Tomorrow at Family Fun Night!

announcer-250x250Jeep will be at the PTO’s Family Fun Night tomorrow at 6 p.m at Palombi  Middle School.  Jeep is spending time today with her good friend, Lisa Doane, at Dirty Dogs Grooming Salon in Lake Como, Wisconsin so she can be extra fluffy for tomorrow’s event.  Jeep loves spending time with Lisa and her dog friends.  It is surprising that Jeep actually enjoys going to the groomer’s to get a bath once she has had enough time playing in the snow.IMG_0805

If you need some fluff, please come out to support the PTO tomorrow night.  Jeep would love to see you and there will be lots of fun things to do!  Admission is FREE!


Honoring ALL Who Serve

DSC_1132DSC_1134DSC_1114This Veterans Day, Jeep had a wonderful time meeting all kinds of servicemen and women this morning at Thompson School during a Veterans Day Recognition Assembly.

But, it is not just two-legged friends who serve and protect our country.  Did you know that working dogs in the American military date back to the country’s founding when Benjamin Franklin recommended their use?  Since then dogs have served in nearly every American war. During the Civil War they were used as messengers and guards. In World War I, Sergeant Stubby, one of history’s most famous war dogs, saved American fighters from mustard gas. War dogs sniffed out Japanese positions in the Pacific Theater in World War II. Nearly 4,000 dogs served in Vietnam, saving 10,000 American lives. That is pretty doggone impressive!


Dog Wearing Military Medals
Sergeant Stubby

war-hero-dog-3Iraqi Freedomgfbx251_3345_9

Happy Halloween!

Resized_20191031_085258_4919While I think the Halloween snow is a trick, Jeep definitely thinks it is a treat!

This year, Jeep and I based our costumes on our recent experience. (Sometimes you just have to work with what you have.)   Today I am Dr. Bones, Veterinarian, and Jeep is my patient.  She is a good sport about keeping her purple bandage on along with her “ouch” sign.

We hope your day is filled with all treats and no tricks – Happy Halloween!IMG_0601IMG_0590IMG_0607 (1)