The Summer of Jeep

Picture3Jeep has been a busy puppy this summer.  Jeep visited students at Martin who were attending summer school.  She also held a “Meet and Greet” at the Lake Villa District Library to promote summer reading.  Over 80 people attended!  Greet Jeep at the Library

Because she is a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, Jeep is not overly fond of the hot summer weather.  She spent a lot of time at home in her puppy wading pool.

One thing Jeep did this summer was GROW!  Pyrenees are “giant breed” dogs.  She just turned seven months old and weighs over 75 lbs.  It is hard to believe she had to be carried up and down the stairs at Palombi when she first started her therapy training visits.

Jeep thoroughly enjoyed mud splashing and playing with her dog sister Dot Com on a particularly rainy afternoon this summer.  Pyrenees just love everything about the dirt.  In Jeep’s mind she believes the dirtier the better!  You can check out Jeep in action here.  Even Dot Com makes a brief appearance.

FullSizeRender (5)
Miss Mud Puppy

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