Good Jeep, Bad Jeep

We all know that Jeep is a good girl who is learning new things every day.  Because of her big size, it is sometimes hard to remember she is just a baby.  Just like all of us, Jeep  is making her own share of “mistakes” along the way.  Some of them are quite funny and not all that surprising considering she is one BIG fluffy pup.  We still love her anyway!


I guess these scissors won’t be used to trim her toe fur anymore. Jeep has ticklish paws and never likes it when I trim them.  Do you think she ate the scissors on purpose?  I am just happy she didn’t nibble the other end.



Remember that wading pool Jeep liked to play in? Well, there is no need to fill it with the hose now.


Jeep has always had a thing for outdoor rocking chair legs.

Finally, in this video, Jeep is caught in the act of pulling the stuffing and noise maker out of a toy gorilla.  (The screaming you hear is the gorilla – poor guy!)  Somehow, Jeep still manages to look innocent like only a Pyrenees can!

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