Oh No! Jeep Tries to “Go Green”

img_0811-1    I think our friend Jeep doesn’t really understand the meaning of the phrase “go green”!  I am sure she thought she was making an environmentally friendly decision by tracking in hundreds of burrs and leaves into our house this weekend.  While I understand that burrs are hitchhiking seeds that attach themselves onto animals and people in order to be replanted and grow, I still don’t like them on me or on Jeep.  Who wants to pet a burr filled Jeep?

I absolutely LOVE Jeep’s soft fluffy coat and I know many of you do, too.  Did you know that Pyrenees actually have two fur coat layers? That is why it is always important to remove the burrs before they mat and tangle in her undercoat.

Lucky for Jeep that we are diligent about keeping up with her brushing.  Jeep is brushed almost daily in the summer and fall.  Happily, she seems to like the attention.  Dot Com also helps out by carefully pulling the burs out of Jeep’s fur by gently using her teeth.  Way to go Dottie – that is what I call a true friend!

One thought on “Oh No! Jeep Tries to “Go Green”

  1. Hi!

    Mrs. Lincoln’s 2nd Grade class LOVES reading about Jeep’s silly but fun adventures. We really liked hearing that Dot Com helps and takes care of Jeep because we are learning that friends depend and help each other.

    Alex really liked when Jeep went GREEN! It made him laugh out loud!!!!! Also, green is his favorite color and mine!

    We can’t wait for Jeep to come back to Martin School for another visit!

    Have a GREEN day!!!!


    Mrs. Lincoln’s 2nd Grade Class


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