Do You Have an Official Jeep Trading Card?

fullsizerender-25Right now Jeep can’t decide which school is her favorite because she thinks they are all so special.  Jeep’s tail wags like crazy  when we pull into a school parking lot.  She can’t wait to hop out of the car and greet kids and staff.  (I am sure that is because everyone is so nice to her by petting all her fluff and constantly telling her how cute she is.)

During her  visits, Jeep is most impressed when she sees her friends making good choices.  Jeep particularly adores  kids who are kind, helpful and act as leaders.   She also thinks making new friends is very important.

When Jeep and I spy kids being particularly good, we happily give them one of her Official Jeep Trading Cards.  So far Jeep has five different trading cards and there are more to come!  Keep showing us  your “pawsitive” behavior and Jeep may have a card just for you!

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