Team Jeep

yyuDid you ever wonder why Jeep and I always wear matching scarves?  Well for starters, who wouldn’t want to look like Jeep the Dog Diva?  Everyone loves her fluff and constantly tells her she is adorable. They are right – she is!  You can’t blame me for wanting to be as cute as Jeep.

Seriously, the real reason Jeep and I wear the same scarves is because we are partners.  We work together, we train together and we have fun together.  When one of us makes a mistake the other one is there to help fix it.  At 8 months, Jeep is still a puppy who is learning.  Right now I am the partner who helps her out, butdownload-1 that is okay with me because I know Jeep is one amazing ball of fluff.   With the help of all her kid friends at school,  I know Jeep will be a great therapy dog some day.  When that happens, my partner Jeep will be the one who does all the helping.  Go Jeep go!

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