Trick or Treat?

img_2588Halloween is right around the corner and Jeep’s costume is something I know a lot of kids are talking about.  What will Jeep be for Halloween?  I have heard a lot of interesting ideas.

A lot of her friends think Jeep should dress as a polar bear or a sheep since she already looks the part.  One student suggested she dye her fur with black stripes to look like a zebra.  I thought that was funny, but I am worried about how long the black dye would stay in her fur.  Someone else thought Jeep could be a ghost  – after all she is all white with black eyes. She might not even need a sheet.   A couple of very kind kids thought Jeep should be a cupcake because she is so sweet.  One student thought Jeep should be a ballerina. That is not a bad idea!  Jeep’s fluffy fur and double coat makes her very hot. If she was a ballerina all she would have to wear is a tutu. (I imagine they make tutus big enough to fit her, don’t you?)   However, I don’t think our friend Jeep wants to walk around in a tutu. She wouldn’t want Dot Com to giggle.

Well, please keep the ideas coming.  It is not easy to dress a Great Pyrenees.  I think Jeep’s costume needs to be very light weight and comfortable for her.  I am sure Jeep will surprise us on October 31st.  I will be sure to post some pictures of our fluff ball.


5 thoughts on “Trick or Treat?

  1. Hi, Jeep! We brainstormed some ideas . . .a flower, a mummy, a doughnut, a cowgirl, or a Dr. Zimmer twin! We are excited to see what you choose to be! See you soon Jeepy!
    Miss Heifner’s first grade class


  2. Thank you for the ideas! A flower could be pretty because Jeep could wear big petals around her neck. A doughnut might be hard to make because of the hole. I like the cowgirl, too.


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