Paws Up for Red Ribbon Week

download-6Jeep walked through the halls of the schools this week and was very impressed with all the Red Ribbon activities her friends were img_2621doing.

Of course Jeep wants everyone to know that  she wants them to be drug free so she is also making it a point to wear red this week.  Do you think Jeep should participate in crazy socks or crazy  hair (fur) day?  Now that would be funny!

And, as long as we are on the topic of red, have you ever wondered if a dog sees in color?  The answer is yes, but not the same way as humans do.  For a long time people thought dogs only saw black and white.  That is not quite true.  While dogs don’t see the color red,  they do see blue and yellow.  (Too bad about Red Ribbon Week,  Jeep!)

What dogs are particularly good at seeing is movement at a distance.  They are 10 to 20 times more sensitive to motion than humans.  This is particularly true at night.


Check out more about how dogs see on this short video.

2 thoughts on “Paws Up for Red Ribbon Week

  1. Good job, Jeep! That was a very interesting topic. Would you and Dot be able to find your Jeep and Dot’s truck in a parking lot with others? Aunt Loretta


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