So You Really Want a Great Pyr?

super-jeep-1-1What dog lover wouldn’t like a  super dog like Jeep?  Many people who see Jeep, especially her kid friends, tell me that they want to get their own Great Pyrenees. (I even know a couple of kids along with Dr. Keim-Bounds who actually have pyrs!)

Just one peek at all that soft white fluff and those big black eyes makes my own heart melt.  And if that isn’t enough, Jeep usually seems to have a smile on her face.  I know she impresses a lot of people by being so calm and patient at school.  She doesn’t jump, doesn’t run around and doesn’t bark.  All of that is pretty remarkable for an 11 month old puppy.  No doubt about it,  our friend Jeep is super.  But keep in mind, Jeep has been training at school since she was nine weeks old.  Not all pyrs are so lucky.

Before you talk your parents and family into buying a Great Pyrenees be sure to do your71hpretjsql-_sl1500_ homework.  Pyrs aren’t for everyone.  Pyrs are independent and like to think for themselves.  This makes them harder to train.  It has been said that every day with a pyr is training day.  Although pyrs look like cute big fluffy dogs, they are actually guard dogs.  They are protective of everyone and everything.  Because of this, pyrs tend to bark a LOT especially at night. (No, Jeep doesn’t do that, thank goodness!)  Pyrs must have a fenced in yard because they will roam the neighborhood finding new people and animals to protect.  Pyrs enjoy digging in the mud and Jeep is no exception.  (It is a good thing for them that their white coats repel dirt.)  Pyrs need to be brushed frequently and yes, they do shed.

Be sure to check out this short video from Animal Planet to learn more about this interesting breed.

All About the Great Pyrenees

One thought on “So You Really Want a Great Pyr?

  1. My screen says “Great pyr is curently unavailable” I hope it comes back. That’s a good idea to have this theme at this time of year as I imagine there are a lot of kids down there asking Santa for one!


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