Cold is Gold for Jeep

Jeep loves to be outside especially now that winter is here. She LOVES the snow and canfullsizerender-6 romp in it for hours on end with absolutely no desire to come inside.  The colder it gets, the more she wants to stay outside.  In fact after a few hours in the wind and cold, Mrs. Sassy Pants will come right up to the glass door look in at me nestled on the couch in a blanket with Dot Com and stare at us.  When I finally do get up to let her inside, she playfully retreats and dares me to cometyrt out and catch her. (As if I could!)

Like true pyr owners everywhere, I have to laugh at the fuzzy clown before turning around and shutting the door.  We all know pyrs have a mind of their own.  Obedience is just not one of their strong suits.  I am aware that Jeep would love for me to come outside and play with her in the cold.  But without boots, mittens and a down coat that is not going to happen.

This video shows just how much Jeep likes it outside.  Watch her walk away and plop down in the snow.  What would you do if you were Jeep’s owner?

Of course, we worry about our fluff ball becoming too cold.  We just have to remember that unlike Dot Com who can only stay outside for short bursts with a coat on (she owns three) our friend Jeep is a Great Pyrenees.  Pyrenees are one of the top five cold-weather breeds.  You may remember that pyrs have not only have double dew claws, but double coats of fur.    Their thick  undercoat acts as insulation while their outer coat is weather-resistant.  It is not uncommon to see pictures of pyrs with icicles on their fur.  uyDogs also have warmer body temperatures than people.  An average person has a temperature of 98.6 degrees whereas a dog has 102.5 degrees.  (Maybe there is something to be said good about hot dogs after all.)

So instefullsizerender-6ad of forcing Jeep inside where it is warm and toasty, we will allow her to be outside in her fenced in, snowy, windy  yard where she is clearly the happiest.  Besides, when our girl really wants to come in, she stands up tall on her back legs and places both of her front giant paws on the glass door.
Who needs a doorbell anyway?  Jeep communicates with people just fine.  Good girl Jeep!


6 thoughts on “Cold is Gold for Jeep

  1. Dear Jeep & Dr. Zimmer,

    Our class LOVES updates on Jeep! We really enjoyed the video of Jeep outside in your cold and snowy backyard. It made us laugh out loud (LOL). We can tell that Jeep just LOVES being outside especially now with the cold temperatures. She reminds us of a Polar bear. She could live in the North Pole with Santa and his happy elves.

    Have a wonderful snowy day!

    Mrs. Lincoln’s 2nd Grade Class
    O.C. Martin School


  2. The video was hilarious. We like when you and Dr. Zimmer come into our room to visit our classroom. We have a few ideas to help you get Jeep to come inside . . .
    -show her her favorite dog toy!
    -get her favorite treat and throw it inside for her to get!
    -have her favorite food and warm it up for her to eat once inside!
    -put her on a leash and walk her inside.

    Thank you for sharing. We in first grade LOVE to read about Jeep and her adventures!



  3. What great problem solvers you are! Sadly, Jeep likes the snow more than food and more than treats. I think your best idea is walking her on a leash. Jeep certainly is a Sassy Pants!


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