Keep Your Paws Crossed

img_0145Kids aren’t the only ones practicing the 7 Habits.  Jeep ntz_begin_with_the_end_ihas worked hard on Begin with the End in Mind. Do you remember Jeep’s goal to become a therapy dog? She has been working on her goal for almost a year and she is finally ready to take the test!

On Tuesday night Jeep and I will be tested for the first time 16143151_1112436935546365_4354601938847724932_nto become a pet therapy team with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  If we pass the test on Tuesday, we will still have to be observed three separate times before we are officially recognized as a therapy team.

Our friend Jeep has to do a number of things to pass the test.  Jeep must:

  • Be good around other dogs
  • Walk on a leash without pulling (loose leash)
  • Allow strangers to pet her all over including her tail
  • Not react to loud noises
  • Remain calm
  • Not jump up on people
  • Follow all hand signals and commands
  • Not react to people walking unsteadily, walking with canes or using  wheelchairs
  • Not show signs of stress
  • Be clean and well groomed
  • Be current on all vaccinations

Thank you to all her kid and teacher friends for helping us train. I think we have a great shot of passing the test.  Keep your paws crossed for us and I will keep you posted!

Go Jeep!16708273_1392751174122975_5836284985160641416_n

2 thoughts on “Keep Your Paws Crossed

  1. Good luck! ~ PGK
    Have a good time! ~CN
    Hope you pass! ~AP
    I hope you have a great day! ~JR
    You have been practicing all year and you will be good! ~TP

    We are all behind you Jeep and Dr. Zimmer…
    Miss Heifner’s first grade class!


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