Team Jeep’s Test Delayed

48c71bcfbf06d3215617b65bf48f5252_like-this-item-pet-therapy-pet-therapy-dog-black-and-white-clipart_422-398We just found out that two of the evaluators for our therapy team test could not make it tonight so we have to reschedule for another Tuesday evening.

While Jeep and I were excited to finally take the test, we are looking on the bright side.  Now we have even more time to practice!  (Think win- win!)

                                              One of our ” pawsative”supporters – another pyr!

3 thoughts on “Team Jeep’s Test Delayed

  1. I hope you pass the test! ~HL
    I hope you practice lots and win the test! ~SB
    I hope you will pass the test and practice even more now that you have more time! ~AH
    Thanks for all of the posts! ~JR
    Good luck! ~LL
    Good luck when you take the test! ~PGK

    All of Miss Heifner’s first graders!!!!


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