The Return of Mud Monster

A Smiling Mud Monster

In case you are wondering what Jeep is doing over Spring Break, these pictures should give you a pretty good idea.  Our Mud Monster has returned!  Jeep is enjoying every minute of her time outside.   She stays out for hours finding new ways to roll, dig and flop in the dirt.

Fortunately, our friend Jeep is very good-natured about getting a bath when it’s finally time to come inside.  She actually walks me into the shower and waits patiently as I gather towels and turn the cold water on for her. (Of course it is cold water –  after all, she is a Pyrenees!)



Dot Com is wondering what happened to you

IMG_0105FullSizeRender (75)

What do you mean I can’t come in?

3 thoughts on “The Return of Mud Monster

  1. Jeep are back again looking cute! ~HL
    I hope you are having fun in the mud. ~JR
    Are you having fun in the mud? ~AJ
    Jeep you DO look like a mud MoNsTeR! ~BC
    You got a big mess on yourself! ~CN
    I really wish I was you, Jeep! ~AH

    Hope to see you soon in our room looking puffy, fluffy and WHITE! xxoo– Miss Hiefner’s first graders…..soon to be second graders!!!!!


  2. Here comes the mud monster they may have said he has gone extinct well they lied and now hes back the legend of the mud monster…


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