Dog Gone!

download (2)Meet General.  He is a ten year old Great Pyrenees.  His family
recently went on vacation and left him behind at a kennel for boarding.  download

Obviously General wanted to be with his family.  He escaped by opening four doors (one with his mouth) and was found later sleeping (no surprise there pyr fans) in a neighbor’s yard waiting for his family’s return.  Interestingly, some of the doors General had to push open and others he had to pull open.  I wonder how he knew what to do? He is one clever pyr!

Hopefully our friend Jeep doesn’t get any crazy ideas like that. Pyrenees are known in the dog world to be escape artists and secure fencing is a must for a pyr family.  Thankfully General is home safe and sound.  I bet next time his family will take him with them on vacation.  Hopefully they have a BIG car to fit everyone in.

Check out the video on this link –   General the Escape Artist

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