Poor Jeep!

Our friend Jeep has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately.  We all know how much Jeep likes to play in water, but for the last month Jeep has been drinking way too much water!  She just wants to guzzle, guzzle, guzzle water.  I am pretty sure she would drink her wading pool dry if we let her!fullsizerender-39

Jeep has been to the vet to see what might be causing her to over drink.  Her vet took blood and urine samples.  She was treated for a week with an antibiotic called amoxicillin for a urinary tract infection.  But that did not stop her crazy drinking.  After even more tests, her vet switched her yesterday to a new stronger antibiotic called Cipro.

I gave Jeep her very first pill last night.  Now we all know Jeep is a very picky eater and an even worse pill taker so I put it in liverwurst and covered it with maple syrup. She gobbled it right up. Yum yum!

But almost as soon as Jeep swallowed the pill, she started to shake her head, ears and body.  Pretty soon

her eyes started to swell shut.  Even her ears swelled up.  They felt as thick as pancakes.  I knew right then that our friend was having a serious allergic reaction to the medication and she needed help.

Unfortunately it was night-time and our vet was closed so I rushed her to the animal Emergency Vet which was a very  long car ride away – 45 minutes!  Once we got there the emergency vet gave Jeep a shot of antihistamine (Benedryl) to stop the allergic reaction.  It worked perfectly!  Whew! ( I have to brag that our Jeep was a good girl about getting her shot – she was very brave and didn’t cry or even whimper!)

I brought Jeep home last night and we haFullSizeRender (81)ve to give her even more benedryl for the next few days.  In case you didn’t know, benedryl makes people and dogs very tired.  Our Sleepy Jeepie is now at home stretched out on her cool pads with a fan blowing on her fur, dreaming great doggy dreams. (probably about stealing Dot Com’s ball and splashing around in her wading pool. I sure hope it’s not about drinking more water!)

8 thoughts on “Poor Jeep!

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jeep. Our vet has cautioned us about our Rottweiler, Sol, drinking too much water. He says it’s a bad sign, but I’m not sure why. Get well quick, Jeep!!


  2. I hope Jeep feels better soon! ~CN
    That story made me feel sorry for Jeep. ~AH
    The story was very sad. I hope she feels better. ~JR
    I hope that Jeep feels better after that weird reaction. ~SB
    I’m glad the emergency vets could make her feel better. ~AJ
    Wow! Poor Jeep is right. She has had a rough go recently. We are sending her puppy love thoughts. xxoo Miss Heifner’s first grade class!


  3. Our class hopes you get better soon, Jeep! We love you, Jeep! We REALLY REALLY LOVE you, Jeep!
    Mrs. Greig’s Kindergarten


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