What will Jeep be for Halloween?

IMG_1540This is a question I am asked a lot lately.  Halloween is right around the corner and is definitely on the minds of our friends at Hooper, Martin and Thompson.

Jeep’s costume is always a challenge.  I don’t want to dye her fur because it might not come out.   She would look pretty funny with permanent zebra stripes painted on her, right?  I also know how much Jeep likes to be cool, so I can’t bring myself to cover her fluffy up with a hot costume.


You might recall that last year our


fuzzy friend


jj (1) was a Ty Beanie

Baby.  (I was dressed like Jeep because she is adorable and who doesn’t want to be adorable?)



Well, this year Jeep and I are going to be something fun that won’t involve a hot costume or painted fur.  Here is a hint for those of you who don’t know already.  In the meantime, be sure to get your own costume ready for the big day!  download



2 thoughts on “What will Jeep be for Halloween?

  1. You are goings as a ____ ____! well it goes with Jeeps white fur. It also makes seance since jeep’s breed is know for surviving the cold


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