Where Did Jeep Go for Spring Break?

Jeep and I heard from a lot of kids today who traveled during Spring Break.  Kids and teachers shared stories of visiting Florida, California, Minnesota, Alabama, New Mexico, Tennessee and even Wisconsin Dells for indoor water parks.  Many of them wondered where Jeep went during break.

Jeep did nothing more than chill out at home with Dot Com last week.  They had plenty of fun running around and play fighting although Jeep missed her kid friends.   Jeep also had four other dogs visit and stay overnight so you can imagine how much playtime all SIX dogs had!  (Our kids call our house Disney World for Dogs because it is so much fun to be a dog there – plenty of steak bones, plenty of room to run and of course, plenty of dirt to dig.)

Last week, Jeep also visited her very good friend and groomer the wonderful Lisa Doane.  Lisa is the owner of the stress-free Dirty Dogs Grooming Salon in Lake Geneva.  Lisa and her husband take such special care of our girl Jeep!  Jeep always looks and smells AMAZING when she has time with Lisa. We love Lisa and Dirty Dogs!!!


This is Lisa’s girl, Odette. She and Jeep like to play together. Isn’t she a beauty???

One thought on “Where Did Jeep Go for Spring Break?

  1. A.T. – Did you have a good time together (Dr. Zimmer and Jeep)?
    M.O. – I can see that Spring Break was fun for Jeep.
    S. F. – I love the pictures you sent to us.
    L.T. – Jeep must have loved the cold Spring Break weather.
    See you soon Jeep!
    Miss Heifner’s 1st grade class


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