Holy Cow a New Jeep Book!

Last year, Jeep released her first book Jeep Practices the Seven Habits.  If you are a Lake Villa 41 kid you have seen copies in your libraries and classrooms.  For those of you who don’t know, Jeep describes how she is learning to be a super leader dog by practicing the 7 Habits of Healthy Kids.  Jeep and I are tickled pink that the book is the #1 checked out book in the school library! I think it’s because everyone likes to see Jeep be a little bit naughty from time to time.

Since then, kids have been asking me, “When is Jeep’s next book coming out?”  Well, the LONG wait is over!  Friends for Mrs. Fuzzypants: Just Another JEEP Adventure has just been released!  In this book, Jeep describes her work as a therapy dog (as many of you know, THE most important job on the planet) and how wonderful it is to make friends.  Jeep reminds us how important it is to always be yourself and that friends come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  You can order your own Jeep book thru blurb.com with a simple search for Mrs. Fuzzypants.  (Warning – this will cost you $3.99 for postage.)

Better yet, if you are a Lake Villa 41 student or staff member you can purchase Friends for Mrs. Fuzzypants for $10 by filling out this form and bringing to to your teacher.  Hey Kids and Parents   This way you save the postage.

The best part is that ALL proceeds from the sale of this book go directly back to the school to help fund the new Leader in Me program that teaches kids about the 7 Habits.  Kids get a Jeep book with a very special message and the schools get money for this incredible program.  That is what our friend Jeep calls a win-win!  Good girl Jeep!


2 thoughts on “Holy Cow a New Jeep Book!

  1. Our class was able to get a preview of this new book, and it was a lot of fun to read! What a great way to share an important lesson while giving to the schools. Way to go, Jeep (and Dr. Zimmer!)!


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