Jeep Recognized as Citizen of the Year!

imagejpeg_1 (1)That is right, friends!  Our fluffy girl was formally recognized last night by the Lake Villa 41 Board of Education as a Lake Villa Citizen of the Year 2018!  What an honor, especially for a four legged friend!

Here is what some of Jeep’s second grade friends had to say about her:

“Jeep gives me confidence to try my best on what is hard for me.” – Penny

“Jeep helps me feel happy when I am worried.” – Lily

“I like to hug her and lay on her a bunch!” – Jackson

“Jeep always makes my day brighter.” – CasayIMG_2717

When I am having a bad day, and I see Jeep, I think everything is going to be ok.” – Landen

“Jeep makes me feel like I can do it!” – Katie

“Jeep makes me feel good on the inside and the outside.” – Frankie

“Jeep gives me confidence when I do not know words in a book.” – Angelo

“Have you ever needed Jeep in your life? Well, I have! Jeep keeps me focused instead of not doing my work.” – Lucas

“There was a Halloween parade and I was nervous about walking in front of the whole school.  Jeep was there and made me feel all better.” – Lavinia

“I love you Jeep and thank you for helping me get through all of the hard stuff that I was working through.” – Evan

“When I feel frustrated, I pet Jeep and I feel calm again.” – Merek

So, now do you need a Jeep friendship fix?  If so, click on this special video Martin teacher Mrs. Carter made about Mrs. Fuzzypants.  It is sure to make you feel all better!  Who knows? You might even see yourself or one of your friends!   A Friendship Story – Jeep

8 thoughts on “Jeep Recognized as Citizen of the Year!

  1. Yeah congratulations Jeep! She definitely is a special girl and touches so many lives:). And I love the video!!!! I also love how you used all my kiddos quotes!

    Thanks again for all you and Jeep do!!!

    Have a great day and I will see you soon:)


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  2. Yes, and I think they will have to make two citizen of the year awards. One for jeep, the other for the other one.


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