Getting “Tick”ed Off

downloadIt is tick season again! If your furry friends spend lots of time outdoors like Jeep and Dot Com, you need to be on the lookout for ticks.  Ticks can be black, brown or tan.  They have eight legs because they are arachnids, just like spiders.  Some ticks such as deer ticks can be very tiny.  Pay attention when you are petting your dog or cat.  A tick will feel like a small bump on their skin.  These tiny bloodsuckers can make dogs (and cats) sick.  As ticks feed on your pet, they swell up with blood and become larger. This makes them easier to spot.  You can pull them off with a tweezers or tick puller, but be sure to get the whole body and not leave pieces behind in their skin.  That could cause an infection.

Here is a great video about how to remove a tick should your furry friend get one.  Oh, don’t forget, people can get bitten by ticks, too!  I know – YUCK!!!

Be sure to talk to your vet about tick prevention.  Every three months Jeep and Dottie are given a special pill to swallow.  (Jeep HATES swallowing pills even when they are hidden in steak, cat food or peanut butter. I have even tried sprinkling yummy beef liver treats on the pill and she still won’t eat it. Picky Pyrenees! )  The good news is that these pills keep our girls safe throughout the year.

You may recall that last year our friend, Jeep, contracted Lyme’s Disease from a tick.  Jeep became even more sleepy than usual and had trouble standing up.  Poor Jeep! Lucky for us, our vet had her blood tested right away and placed her on medication for two weeks – yes, that meant more pill swallowing fun.  Now she gets her tick pill every three months even though it’s still quite an ordeal to get it down her.

I have been told that a person can get a dog to swallow a pill simply by placing a pill in the back of the dog’s mouth, holding the mouth shut and blowing in their nose.  For some reason it causes them to swallow right away.  I think I will try it next time IF I can get my hands around Jeep’s big mouth!IMG_2705


One thought on “Getting “Tick”ed Off

  1. yea, every time I go camping we have to check for ticks when we go to sleep. Also, the best method for removing tick is putting the area around and with the tick with viniger so the tick will pull up its head for air because you are bollocking its air pipes. this makes sure that the head does no lodge in the skin, making the person or animal sick.


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