Honoring ALL Who Serve

DSC_1132DSC_1134DSC_1114This Veterans Day, Jeep had a wonderful time meeting all kinds of servicemen and women this morning at Thompson School during a Veterans Day Recognition Assembly.

But, it is not just two-legged friends who serve and protect our country.  Did you know that working dogs in the American military date back to the country’s founding when Benjamin Franklin recommended their use?  Since then dogs have served in nearly every American war. During the Civil War they were used as messengers and guards. In World War I, Sergeant Stubby, one of history’s most famous war dogs, saved American fighters from mustard gas. War dogs sniffed out Japanese positions in the Pacific Theater in World War II. Nearly 4,000 dogs served in Vietnam, saving 10,000 American lives. That is pretty doggone impressive!


Dog Wearing Military Medals
Sergeant Stubby

war-hero-dog-3Iraqi Freedomgfbx251_3345_9

Happy Halloween!

Resized_20191031_085258_4919While I think the Halloween snow is a trick, Jeep definitely thinks it is a treat!

This year, Jeep and I based our costumes on our recent experience. (Sometimes you just have to work with what you have.)   Today I am Dr. Bones, Veterinarian, and Jeep is my patient.  She is a good sport about keeping her purple bandage on along with her “ouch” sign.

We hope your day is filled with all treats and no tricks – Happy Halloween!IMG_0601IMG_0590IMG_0607 (1)

Jeep’s New Book

Perhaps you have read Jeep’s previous two books – they are a big hit in the school libraries!

Since then, kids continually ask me,  “When is Jeep’s next book coming out?”  Well, the LONG wait is over!

How I Lost my Fuzzypants – Just Another Jeep Adventure has just been released.  This book tells the story of Jeep’s knee injury and recovery.  In this book, Jeep learns that it’s not how we look that makes us special, it’s who we are inside that matters.

If you are a Lake Villa 41 student or staff member you can purchase How I Lost my Fuzzypants for $10 by filling out this  Order Form and bringing the form with payment to the school office.  (If you don’t have a printer, you can put your name and teacher’s name in an envelope with your money.)  Jeep will be sure that you get your book.

If you want a book and you  AREN’T part of the Lake Villa School District, you can send payment and your address to me and I will be happy to mail one out to you.  (Lynette Zimmer, 131 McKinley Avenue, Lake Villa IL  60046).

The best part is that ALL proceeds from the sale of the book go directly back to the schools to help fund the Leader in Me program.  Kids get a Jeep book with a very important message and the schools get money for this special program.  That is what our friend Jeep calls a win-win!  Good girl Jeep!



20 Staples Removed

Jeep is definitely well on the road to a full recovery.  She had her staples removed from her incision.  Her leg is healing up nicely and she is getting antsy to get some real play time in with Dot.  That is so NOT going to happen, Jeep!)  She is not keen on taking it easy until Halloween.

Lost a few pounds! Bring on the double bacon cheeseburgers!
That is a LOT of staples for one leg!
Good girl, Jeep!

The Missing Fuzzypants

IMG_0371 (3)Jeep continues to do well post-surgery.  We removed her top bandages and this afternoon the smaller band-aid will also be removed.  Hopefully, she won’t lick it and have to wind up wearing the dreaded “cone of shame”!

Below you can see the actual x-rays of her knee.  The metal pieces are easy to see.  Once her bone grows around them she will be better than new.


IMG_0380 (1)
Good Night Sleepy Jeepie!

Jeep is out of Surgery!

I just spoke with Dr. Scot, Jeep’s amazing vet at the Lake Geneva Animal Hospital.  He said that our friend’s surgery went very well and that she is snoozing in recovery.  (I wonder if she is snoring?)

We anticipate picking her up between 4 and 5 pm today and bringing her home where she will begin her own long road to recovery.  Good girl, Jeep!



Jeep’s Drop Off


Time to go!
Jeep seems to realize she is at the vet and not at school with her friends.
IMG_0320 (2)
Weighing in
A couple more cheeseburgers shouldn’t hurt!
HELLO!!!!   Don’t you see the door?? I am ready to go home NOW!

Prepping for Jeep’s Big Day

We are making sure the house is ready when Jeep returns from surgery. Nothing like a double shopping cart run to Menards to make sure we have plenty of carpet runners so our friend won’t slip on our tile and wood floors.  We also picked up two orthopedic beds for her to lie on so she will be comfy cozy.  Jeep has already tried them out and I think she approves!IMG_7127IMG_0269

The new bed is yawn inspiring!
The new carpet runners are also a hit!

Jeep’s Last Day until Halloween

Today was Jeep’s “Last Day of School” for awhile.  On Monday, she will go in for her knee surgery.  Poor Jeep! She will need 6 to 8 weeks to heal before she can return.

In the meantime, Jeep got lots of love and well wishes from kids across the school district this week.  I will be posting updates on her progress until she returns.  Keep your paws crossed for a speedy recovery!